Tweak Your Speech

TWEAKnIT specialise in building your confidence. 

1. Registration

Create your profile and choose a package that best suites your time and budget. 

2. Record Your Presentation

In your own time and privacy you can record your presentation.

3. We Review 

We review your presentation, diagnosing the areas you need support.

4. You Take Action

Within 24- 72 hours your audio review will land back in your inbox.

Confidently Position Yourself Within The Market

The thing is, you don’t know what you don’t know. Every profession is built on education, skill and practice.

The TWEAKnIT team are here to:

  • Eliminate your frustrations through education.
  • Strengthen your voice as you would any other muscle.
  • Deliver strategic exercises for you to practice.
  • Transform you into a great speaker.

Do any of these relate to you?

Time Poor

Does the thought of taking time out to work on your voice and presentation skills seem ridiculous?

TWEAKnIT allows you to record your presentation at your convenience, even late at night, and get a speedy solution.

Budget Conscious

Are you desperate to push to the next level of Professional Development but don't have the budget?

TWEAKnIT provides a solution for a price far below that of professional consultative help.



Do you find yourself shackled with nerves when you speak?

TWEAKnIT is your secret weapon to practice and develop confidence in privacy, BEFORE you dare to speak your truth!

Lack of Rapport

Does the thought of building rapport challenge you? 

We have specific and easy answers for you that will allow you to develop rapport over time with ease. 

Body Tension

Are you tired of feeling like a wooden plank when you speak in public? 

Stiffness can be overcome with a series of exercises that we tailor to your needs.

Empty Words

When you start speaking do you find you over use empty or filler words like, so, um, kinda, sorta etc? 

This is a very common problem and we can help eliminate these so you deliver your message without distraction.

Shrill Tones

Does your voice start to sound like a chipmunk when you speak? It's such a common problem that we have a solution for. 


Lack of Energy

Does your voice sound like it's depressed?  

Yes, we can definitely fix this. ( No Drugs Required)


Has a monotone drawl taken your voice as a prisoner? We can give it back it's freedom.

Shy and Self Conscious

Are you shy and self-conscious?  

Let's turn your vulnerability into a positive asset. 

Too Hard Basket

Are you ready to give up?

Looks like you found us just in time. It's not too late to become a great speaker.


The Great Speaker Within

A Great Speaker moves beyond the content on the page. Instead, they will say something with intention, focused on aligning the sound pattern with the meaning of the word.

That's right, there is a science behind the way you deliver your words.

Think of the way David Attenborough tells the life story of a single ant, as if it is the most fascinating creature on the planet. This is a fine example of how you can align sound and language, allowing the sound to penetrate more deeply into your listeners’ psyche.