The world’s greatest fear…. Public Speaking!

The TWEAKnIT team are driven to make sure you move beyond fear to feeling calm and confident. 

We Understand

99% of professionals have not been taught the art of public speaking, it's a skill that needs to be learnt and practiced.


Don't Have Time For Coaching?

TWEAKnIT is ideal for time poor professionals that need help with the finishing touches to their presentation.


No Coaching Budget?

Trust the TWEAKnIT experts to quickly identify and correct the common issues that are making you nervous. All you need is a little tweak!   


Don't Know Where To Start?

All you have to do is record your presentation, send it to one of our coaches, we will TWEAK it so you can speak with confidence!


Feel Embarrassed?

If you're feeling the pressure like you should be able to deliver a great presentation. relax, speaking is a skill  that needs to be learned and practiced. We will help you master the art of public speaking.   


Feeling Self-Conscious?

You don't have to! We want you to feel excited, empowered and ready to deliver! Let TWEAKnIT take you there. 

What TWEAKnIT Does


Every professional has at some stage rehearsed their presentation in front of a mirror, family and friends or, worst of all, opted to just wing it.

Whilst these might get you by in the short term, this band-aid solution is not going to make you a great presenter, and the fear of getting up in front of a crowd will return time and time again.  There is a better way!  Learn the secrets of public speaking from the best in the business.  With more than 30 years of voice coaching experience, our Founder and CEO Lisa Lockland-Bell, set out to create a more effective solution.

Her vision was to create an online platform that is:

  • Fast
  • Professional
  • Safe
  • Confidential
  • Accessible
  • Great value for money


By bringing together a passion for psychology, communication, alternative thinking, eastern philosophy and of course THE VOICE: We use professional skills to help transform your ability to be heard by the outside world.

The TWEAKnIT programs use a scientific system, based on human interaction and experience: A combination of pop culture | science | mindset | vocal techniques.

Our Goal

Give you the necessary techniques to get started as a great speaker.
► Explain the physical science behind how your voice makes an impact.
► Develop an inner confidence, allowing you to say what you think.
► Give you the ability to deliver a powerful presentation | argument | pitch.
► Align your speaking voice with your professional profile
► Minimise the barriers to effective communication, mainly language & culture.
► Empower your speech by controlling every nuance and inflection while speaking.
► Teach you how to deliver like "THOSE PEOPLE" that motivate & inspire.

Pitch: 1-5 Min

$ 95 Session - 24 Hr Service

Presentation: 6 - 15 Min

$ 165 Session - 48 Hr Service

Showcase: 16 - 30 Min

$ 245 Session - 72 Hr Service


Your tone is the essential ingredient to making a deeper connection.

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Vocal Quality

Constructive, audio evaluation of your vocal ability.

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A flexible voice is essential to making an impacty.

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Great speakers have all communication elements aligned perfectly.
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Nuance & Inflection

Crack the code for the perfect delivery.

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Let the experts find your specific barriers.

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Education combined with practice will give you confidence.

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Introvert or Extravert, we've got you covered.

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Get a strategic fitness plan for your specific vocal needs.

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We are on the journey with you!

Here's What To Expect Within A TWEAKnIT Review.


The tone of your voice is the essential ingredient to making a deeper connection. At TWEAKnIT we are all about your tone.  

First, we must understand your content/message and assess whether your tone is matching the meaning of your words.

Don't worry we will work with you and make it easy to understand. 

Vocal Quality

Look forward to a constructive, audio evaluation of your vocal ability.

This will include clear and concise suggestions on how to improve your weaker areas of concern. 


Having a flexible voice is essential if you are looking to make an impact when speaking.

We will assess your vocal flexibility and suggest any necessary exercises to help develop a more flexible tone.  

Delivery | Stagecraft Techniques

A great speaker will have all communication elements aligned perfectly. 

Let us help you tell your story with your whole body, including your face. 

Nuances and Inflections

The nuances and inflections within your voice are integral to making sure your message is clearly understood with no room for misinterpretation.  

This is an area of the voice that often needs the most work in individuals.  

Let's crack the code and create a strategy to eliminate the habit once and for all. 

Diagnosis of Potential Barriers

There are many barriers that may be hindering your ability to communicate effectively including accents, tight jaw, lack of breath support, environmental, language and the list goes on. 

Sometimes this can be the primary cause of your nervousness.

Leave it up to the experts to explain. 


TWEAKnIT is not about telling you what you what you are doing wrong.  

We are about educating you on how your voice works.

We deliver skills, techniques and strategies to help get you to where you want to be.

We pride ourselves on adding abundant amounts of value, taking you from nervous to empowered.

We want to develop a relationship of trust, offering support and guidance through your personal development and hope you will consider joining our community education programs. 


Our team are sensitive to all confidence levels and will respond to your needs accordingly.  

If you are an introvert or an empath we understand your sensitivity and if you are an extrovert, we will challenge you to the next level. 


Your voice is a muscle, just like any other muscle group within your body.   

At TWEAKnIT we take pride in identifying how vocally fit you are in comparison with how fit you need to be.  

Our team will create a strategic fitness plan specific to you and your needs.

The Cadence

Our classically trained CEO understands the importance of the cadence within your speaking voice.

She has trained her team to draw out the rhythmtempo,  rise and fall, beatpulse, rhythmical flow/pattern and patterns within your voice.

How I hear you say?  We cannot wait to share these techniques with you. 

Headshots Brisbane

Our CEO..

Lisa knows what it feels like to not be heard and has made it her mission to make sure YOU have the freedom to confidently make a deeper impact.

A leader in vocal development, her ability to diagnose, heal and reveal the potential that lies within each human voice is spectacular.

She is a respected keynote speaker, vocal coach and facilitator with over three decades of experience. Her unique perspective on vocal communication forms the foundation for her skill-based speaking and training programs.  Highlighting the importance of using your voice for positioning | impact | influence, her strategies are innovative, yet simple.

Lisa has studied vocal communication with the world’s best, performed as an opera singer and coached internationally for more than 30 years.  From tweaking your embouchure, to getting the most from your resonating cavities, Lisa knows the human voice intimately.

Now, she distils this knowledge into useful communication skills training. Whether it is an intimate one-on-one negotiation or delivering a presentation, Lisa has the knowledge to improve your vocal intelligence, presentation, persuasion, negotiation and public speaking skills.


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