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Not everyone is born with a strong sense of self-confidence.

Sometimes it's hard to develop confidence because of personality type, experience or poor self-esteem.

No matter what the reason, we know as a human being your desire is to be heard.

At TWEAKnIT, we will transform your desire into reality, taking you from feeling desperately nervous to empowered!


Deliver Your Next Presentation With A Voice That Supports You!

The international team behind TWEAKnIT believe you have a voice, you have a message and you deserve to be heard!

At TWEAKnIT we specialise in giving you the skills and techniques to confidently present to the outside world.

Our professional team understands that a your Voice has the power to: seal the deal, break a heart and change the world. But, do you?

This unique and specialised online service is designed to take you, the professional, to where you want to be.

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(n) speech anxiety or fear of public speaking

According to experts, more than 75% of the general population suffer from this debilitating condition making it the #1 FEAR IN THE WORLD!

Unlike the fear of heights and spiders, public speaking is a crucial skill required in both workplace and social environments.

Typical symptoms of people who suffer from glossophobia include:

  • Freezing in front of any audience
  • Dry mouth
  • Voice is left weak and lifeless
  • The dreaded Um and Ah's appear
  • Body starts shaking under the pressure
  • Or worse: visible signs of sweaty armpits, face turning bright red and heart rate affects the breathing.
What does all of this mean?

Your voice is not supporting your professional profile.  No matter how much experience or education you have, if your voice is not trained to match your position, it will let you down, leaving you feeling defeated and inadequate. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately for people who suffer from glossophobia, there is no longer a safe place to hide.

Within an extremely competitive market, public speaking is becoming a part of the average job description, whether you like it or not.  You may need to speak while networking, present on behalf of your company or make an impact in an interview or pitch situation (just to name a few).

Enter TWEAKnIT: The primary reason you developed this condition is that you have never been properly trained.

The GOOD NEWS is our team is ready to TWEAK your presentation by diagnosing exactly where you are in your ability, then delivering the necessary tips, skills and techniques needed to be heard.

Are you ready to make the change?

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